List information of a single recipient with help of the CRM Serial that is created in the Examinare extensions available.

POST data information:
(Red information is mandatory), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

crmserial Crm Serial including plugin structure. Check the Recipient Screen for details.

Return data

This API call will return a single XML contacts container. XML contacts container will contain the information including the contactID that will be used in your calls to the framework. Observe, this call can return multiple contacts. (See addRecipient)

PHP Example (With our PHP Wrapper Library.

	/* Change the top information 
	according to your account details. */
	$api2 = new ExaminareAPIConnector($key["apicompany"],$key["apikey"],"");
      /* Example for the Zendesk ticket id 1*/ 
	/* In $result you will now find all 
	returnable errors if any or the Recipients in an array.*/