List all Surveys that has been published as a Phone Survey and status of them.

POST data information:
This function do not need any extra POST data.

Returning Key information

surveyID Id of the Survey in Examinare.
surveyName Name of the Phone Survey.
surveyTaggName Tag used in Examinare.
status – Inbound – Outbound
callerIDs Shows only when Outbound and this callerID needs to be sent with the resquest sendPhoneSurvey. If you need to add another CallerID contact Support Team to authorize it.
phoneNumbers Shows only when Inbound and shows what phone number your Phone Survey is reachable at and what callerID you need to have for it to answer.
completedAnswers Amount of answers on the survey (For the entire Survey).
stoppedAnswers Amount of answers blocked in the survey (For the entire Survey).
surveyLanguage The short code of the language used in the Phone Survey.

Return data

This API call will return a multiple XML survey container. XML survey container will contain the information including the surveyID that will be used in your calls to the framework.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><response>
	<surveyInfo surveyID="1379659109">
		<surveyName>Outbound Phone Survey</surveyName>
	<surveyInfo surveyID="1390898671">
		<surveyName>Inbound Phone Survey</surveyName>