Fetch the Answering Recipients from the Survey with background data filtering.

This function uses the same indata as the fetchResultsByUser and shows the recipients that has answered based on in-data.


POST data information:
(Red information is mandatory), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

surveyID Id of the Survey in Examinare.
timestamp1 Used in combination with timestamp2 to select votes between 2 dates. Needs to be in form of UNIX timestamp.
timestamp2 UNIX timestamp.
contactID contactID connected to the recipient. (Wildcard enabled)
email Email belonging to the recipient. (Wildcard enabled)
group Group name belonging to the recipient. (Wildcard enabled)
title Title belonging to the recipient. (Wildcard enabled)
company Company name belonging to the recipient. (Wildcard enabled)
company-title Recipients company title. (Wildcard enabled)
department Department in the company. (Wildcard enabled)
customer-group Customer group. (Wildcard enabled)
gender Se customer information.
address Address (Wildcard enabled)
state State (Wildcard enabled)
country Country (Wildcard enabled)
city City (Wildcard enabled)
postal-code Postal code (Wildcard enabled)


Wildcard enabled => Apply * to use Wildcard. Example : Nisse can be N*e