Fetch the results from the Survey without background data filtering.

POST data information:
(Red information is mandatory), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

surveyID Id of the Survey in Examinare.
timestamp1 Used in combination with timestamp2 to select votes between 2 dates. Needs to be in form of UNIX timestamp.
timestamp2 UNIX timestamp.
allowcomments Set this parameter to anything return the comments entered on surveys questions.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
		<surveyInfo surveyID="1315983192"> 
		<question Number="1"> 
			<questionText>Do you have a Customer Service system in place?||!linebreak!||(A process that ensures a minimum level of service)</questionText>

PHP Example (With our PHP Wrapper Library.
	/* Change the top information 
	according to your account details. */
	$api2 = new ExaminareAPIConnector($key["apicompany"],$key["apikey"],"");
	$api2->Data(array("surveyID"=>"REPLACE WITH YOUR SURVEY ID"));
	// Timestamps are not needed but good to use.
	//This example below is for results between 1 january 2015 and 31 december 2015.
	$api2->Data(array("timestamp1"=>1420070400));//01/01/2015 @ 12:00am (UTC)
	$api2->Data(array("timestamp2"=>1451606400));//01/01/2016 @ 12:00am (UTC)
	/* In $result you will now find all 
	returnable errors if any or the Survey Results ready to use.*/