Fetch list of reports from the Survey to used with fetchReportFile function.

POST data information:
(Red information is mandatory), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

surveyID Id of the Survey in Examinare.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<surveys><surveyInfo surveyID="1314773374">
<surveyName>Company Service Rating</surveyName>
	<name>Company Service Rating - Main Report.xls</name>
	<name>Company Service Rating - Main Report.docx</name>
	<name>Company Service Rating - Main Report.pdf</name>
	<name>Company Service Rating - Raw.sps</name>

PHP Example (With our PHP Wrapper Library.
	/* Change the top information 
	according to your account details. */
	$api = new ExaminareAPIConnector($key["apicompany"],$key["apikey"],"");
	/* In $reports_r you will now find all 
	returnable errors if any or the Report File ID's ready to use with fetchReportFile.*/