Add recipient to the company database.

POST data information:

(Red information is mandatory, black is optional), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

name First name of the recipient.
lastname Last name of the recipient.
email Email of the recipient.
mobile Cell-phone number. (Format 00[Countrycode][Area code][Phone number])Example : +467031234567
group Group name.
title Personal title.
company Company name.
company-title Company title of the recipient.
department Department in Company.
customer-group Customer group.
gender Gender of the recipient. (male for Male, female for Female).
birth-year Year of birth (YYYY), digits only.
birth-month Month of birth (MM), digits only.
birth-day Day of birth (DD), digits only.
phonenumber Phone number of the recipient.
attention Attention address of the recipient.
address Address of the recipient.
city City name.
state State name.
postal-code Postal code.
country Country name.
crmserial Serial from integration module for ex. Zendesk ticket ID.
extrafieldkey Key from extrafields in the format explained here.

Return data

This API call will return a XML response with status Success if it is created, error if an error has been called. The XML contacts container will contain the information including the contactID that will be used in your calls to the framework.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <contact cid="contactID">
		<lastname>Last name</lastname>
		<company>Company name</company>
		<company-title>Company name</company-title>
		<customer-group>Sales groups</customer-group>
		<phonenumber>+46844444444</ phonenumber>
				<value>Testar åäö</value>

PHP Example (With our PHP Wrapper Library.
	/* Change the top information 
	according to your account details. */
	$api2 = new ExaminareAPIConnector($key["apicompany"],$key["apikey"],"");
	$recipient_r = Array();
	$recipient_r["name"]="My name";
	$recipient_r["group"]="My Group";
	/* In $result you will now find all 
	returnable errors if any or the Recipient record to use.*/