Activate API

How to activate the API inside Examinare.

Examinare Survey Tool API

Red fields are required and must have a value. XML-data is sent using HTTPS as POST-data.
In the beginning of this document there is a summary of the available functions. This is followed by a more detailed part.

URL for all functions are
To connect you need to add three commands to the POST data:

apiKey – This is provided by Examinare in your account.
apiCompany – The company database to be used.
Command – The command you provide for the call.
Please note: More commands may be needed by the function you call.

Mobile API and non-shared API keys.

If you for any reason want to keep your API key private and use a Login type of Style instead of the Static Examinare API key then you may use the Mobile API command setPhoneID, this command can be used to get a Mobile API token that can be used instead of the static API token.  All mobile API tokens can be deleted at any time from your Examinare account inside the Settings -> Advanced Settings.

Video Tutorial on How to Activate Examinare API